katriel cohn-gordon

Academia   I study security protocols, particularly the ones that people really use on the modern Internet. I'm interested in Signal, Certificate Transparency, TextSecure/Axolotl, TLS 1.3, the Tamarin prover, WebRTC, and other such things. I'm an Oxford Cyber Security CDT PhD student, supervised by Cas Cremers.

newIt looks like our our ART paper is going to become the starting point for an IETF working group called MLS, looking at improving secure messaging. Hooray! As always, some Totally Accurate Register Coverage.

You can find my publications on Google Scholar. My Erdős number is four (one, two, three, four) if you allow conference publications, and infinite otherwise.

Industry   Past jobs include full-time work at GSA Capital and internships at Facebook, Google, Red Gate and Cantab Capital. I guest-reviewed for Black Hat USA and EU this year.

Posts   I rarely post long-form and short-form things.

Internet   You can find me on many other websites. I used to spend a lot of time on Stack Overflow but these days it's Github if anything. The usual collection of profiles are where you'd expect them on Facebook, MetaFilter, Twitter and LinkedIn. I listen to music through Spotify and motivate myself with Beeminder. FollowUpThen snoozes my emails, darksky handles weather, and Splitwise organises bills.

Contact me via website@katriel.co.uk, or via keybase if you are that way inclined.