katriel cohn-gordon

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I'm a staff privacy engineer interested in data access, deletion and secure messaging. I tweet as @katrielalex, and very rarely post long-form and short-form things. I'm an aspiring feminist, trying to be a better ally, and my pronoun.is/he.

Research   [publications, PhD thesis] My research interests have focussed on secure messaging and its associated host of problems (provable security, large group support, notification encryption, secure JavaScript, encrypted video calls), but these days I work more in the privacy space. Me giving a talk and another; Totally Accurate Register Coverage. My Erdős number is four (one, two, three, four) if you allow conference publications, and infinite otherwise. I guest-review for Black Hat USA and EU.

Code   I write code for a living, mostly related to user privacy. I've worked on data access and portability tools, deletion, and cookies, among many other projects; lately at f a c e b o o k where I also help support the privacy incident management process. I'm at home working with legal and policy folks, and translating between code and regulatory/policy requirements.

Contact me via website@katriel.co.uk.