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Katriel Cohn-Gordon

About Me

I'm a 22-year-old student interested in quantum and computers and such things. I'm just starting a DPhil in cyber security at Merton College, Oxford, having worked in finance for a year after a masters' in categorical quantum mechanics.


I studied maths at Cambridge and then MFoCS at Oxford, as well as doing a smattering of software-y internships.

My Hobbies

Fencing 8/10


Fiddling with Python 6/10


Squash 1/10


Baking 5/10


More details in my CV



I studied maths at Cambridge, focussing on pure maths and logic. My favourite course was probably Logic and Set Theory (by Imre Leader), for which I got about 76/80 marks. Overall, I received an upper second.


From Cambridge I moved to MFoCS at Oxford, focussing on the new field of categorical quantum mechanics (CQM).


My masters' dissertation is entitled Commitment Algorithms. In it, I discuss the third equivalence in the CBH theorem in the language of CQM, and show that it is not a consequence of that formalism. To do so, I give a definition of commitment algorithms in a purely categorical sense, and show that although it cannot be fulfilled in the usual interpretation of quantum theory, it in fact can in one of the standard "toy" models.

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(Email is probably your best bet for getting in touch with me, but you're welcome to call if you'd like.)